Meet Our Team

Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance was founded in 2019 to be a safety net for the most vulnerable animals in the shelter system: orphaned newborn kittens. Since then, we've saved the lives of hundreds of tiny kittens, supported dozens of animal rescues and municipal shelters throughout our region, and trained thousands of kitten caretakers from all over the world! 


Andee Bingham

Founder & Executive Director

Before founding the Kitten Alliance, Andee worked with shelter animals for nearly a decade, and spent much of that time specializing in orphaned newborn kittens. 

She loves caring for the tiniest and sickest kittens and has a special affinity for kittens with gnarly eye infections.


Leslye Hardin

Community Engagement Coordinator

Leslye's years of working in animal rescue has made her into a bit of a Tetris-master when it comes to placing kittens into foster homes. 

She loves caring for weaning kittens who need some extra TLC to heal from an illness or gain weight, and has no fear when it comes to ringworm!