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1:1 Coaching Calls 

with a kitten expert!


Does your kitten program need an overhaul and you don't know where to start? Book a coaching call with Andee Bingham, Founder and Director of Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance.


Andee has worked with kittens for over a decade and has a special passion for the hardest kittens -- newborns and those with medical challenges. Throughout her career, Andee has bottle fed thousands of kittens and is always ready to help others boost their lifesaving skills!


During coaching calls, we will focus on whatever you need help with most, whether it's kitten care, best practices, fundraising, community engagement, or more! The goal is for you to leave each coaching call with actionable steps you can take to save more little lives. Can't wait to chat with you!

60-Minute Coaching Call

As an expert in the field, Andee will address your questions, provide practical solutions, and make tailored recommendations to help you overcome any obstacles hindering your progress.

By the end of the coaching call, you will gain valuable insights and walk away with an actionable plan. Book your 60-minute coaching call today and witness the positive impact it can have on your kitten care practices.

30-Minute Coaching Call

This session is designed to provide you with a platform to seek guidance and ask questions on any aspect of kitten care.

Whether you seek advice on feeding protocols, health challenges, or operational best practices, Andee Bingham's wealth of expertise and experience is at your disposal.

Harness the opportunity to gain actionable insights, clarify uncertainties, and bolster your confidence in providing top-notch care for the kittens in your charge. 

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