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Trap, Neuter, Return Resources in NC

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs are a vital strategy for managing and reducing outdoor cat populations humanely and effectively.


By trapping feral or stray cats, neutering them, and then returning them to their original locations, TNR helps prevent the birth of countless kittens that would otherwise contribute to overpopulation, both outdoors and in overcrowded shelters.


TNR stabilizes the size of colonies over time while also improving the health of the cats and reducing behaviors associated with mating, such as fighting, yowling, and spraying.


By allowing the cats to live out their lives without continuing to reproduce, TNR creates a balanced ecosystem, mitigates the spread of diseases, and fosters coexistence between humans and cat colonies.


Furthermore, TNR is a compassionate alternative to euthanasia, addressing the issue of feral cat overpopulation while respecting the lives of the cats.

Want to learn more? Here are some great resources:

North Carolina
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