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Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance is committed to saving every animal in our care who can be saved. We only euthanize an animal if a veterinarian has assessed that there is no chance of recovering an acceptable quality of life or it would be clearly inhumane or unsafe to not do so immediately.

You'll see from our data that we often fall below the 90% benchmark that typically demonstrates a "no-kill" save rate even though our policies align with the no-kill philosophy. That's because:

  • Neonatal kittens have fragile immune systems and often arrive as orphans with compromised health. Most of the kittens we welcome into our care are too young to be weaned yet.

  • Many of the animals we help each year are severely sick or injured when they arrive. 


Despite specialized around-the-clock care and our very best efforts, some animals don't make it. In those cases, our job is to provide as much love, comfort, and compassion as we can during their brief lives. 

Each year, we help hundreds of the most vulnerable kittens throughout our region. Click below to see year to year how many kittens we've welcomed into our care and how many we've saved!

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