Nursery & Resource Center

Coming Spring 2021

Each year, thousands of orphaned newborn kittens are found throughout our region and brought to animal rescues and municipal shelters.

Unfortunately most of these organizations simply don't have the training, supplies, or time to properly care for neonates. This creates a stressful situation for staff and a potentially fatal outcome for the fragile newborn kittens.

When we founded Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance, we knew we wanted to create an innovative and lifesaving resource for rescues, shelters, the community, and of course the kittens.

We've already made a huge impact for the kittens in our region, and now we're ready to be an even greater lifesaving force for the kittens who will need us in the future.

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That's why we're building a neonatal kitten nursery and resource center here in Asheville, NC!


The property will house a neonatal nursery, medical room, quarantine room, and an education center. With this resource, we will dramatically increase our ability to provide the best care to the most fragile kittens and grow our programs to be even more effective for the kittens.

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• Kitten Nursery •

The nursery will be Western North Carolina's greatest resource for saving the lives of orphaned newborn kittens!

Each year, we rescue some of the youngest, sickest, and most vulnerable kittens. Out of the 140 kittens we cared for in 2020, more than half required urgent critical care for malnutrition, severe dehydration, hypothermia, life-threatening injuries, eye infections, and more.

To these kittens, we are a lifeline 

Our nursery will provide incubators, supplemental oxygen, nebulizers, feeding tubes, and 24-hour support for the tiny newborn kittens who need us most.

• Resource Center •

Our resource center will provide education, support, and resources to animal rescuers and shelters throughout the Southeast and beyond!

Through our resource center, we will provide classes, webinars, hands-on training, and other educational events to animal rescues, municipal shelters, private rescuers, veterinarians, and kitten lovers throughout our region and across the country.

By working together, we'll build stronger, more effective communities for orphaned newborn kittens

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