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Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance provides care and rescue to newborn and medically-challenged
kittens through loving foster homes, strategic partnerships, and community education. 
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For kittens like Atlas here, having a trained and loving foster home may literally be the difference between life and death


Volunteering is a great way to take care of and spend time with kittens without bringing them home


Each dollar you donate will help provide all of the food, comfort, and medical care tiny kittens need to survive and thrive


Our sweet little friends are all looking for fantastic families once they're weaned, litterbox trained, and healthy


Want to learn how to take care of kittens like Ursa Major here? Attend a class or webinar to learn everything you need to help kittens thrive from birth to weaning


If you've found an orphaned newborn kitten or work with an animal rescue who needs neonate support, we may be able to help

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