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10 Ways to Save Orphaned Newborn Kittens

It’s going to take all of us working together to build big, bright futures for the tiniest kittens. Luckily, there are lots of ways to help! Check out this list and find a way or two to contribute in whatever way you’re able. Every act of kindness helps save lives!

1. Foster

Newborn kittens aren’t safe in shelters because they have very delicate immune systems and because they require around-the-clock care. By fostering, you are literally saving their lives and giving them a chance at big, bright futures. Click here to foster! 

2. Volunteer

Volunteers drive kittens to and from appointments, facilitate supply drives, and more! Click here to volunteer! 

3. Donate

Rescuing kittens is important — but expensive! — work. It costs about $150 to raise one kitten from birth to weaning. All donations directly save the lives of newborn orphaned kittens who wouldn’t have a chance without you. Click here to donate! 

4. Attend a class

We’re helping to build a safer world for kittens by hosting classes that are free and open to the public. Click here to find a class! 

5. Purchase from wishlist

It takes a lot of supplies to keep a kitten fed, clean, and healthy! If you purchase items through our Amazon wishlist, they’ll be shipped right to our door! 

6. Host an educational kitten party

We’d love to come talk to your kitten loving friends about neonate care and how to get involved with our work! If you’d like to host an educational kitten party, email us at

7. Supply drive

Want to do some good along with your co-workers or class? Organizing a supply drive can be fun and rewarding! Email us at for a list of our most needed items. 

8. Donate your birthday/wedding/graduation

Having your friends and family donate towards saving newborn kittens in lieu of gifts is a great way to celebrate! Email to discuss options. 

9. Become a corporate sponsor

Do you own a business? This great cause marketing opportunity will save lives! Email to learn more. 

10. Share posts on your own social media

Sharing our social media posts with your friends and family will help spread the word about this important work, build our network of supporters, and save more lives! 

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