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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you transfer your kittens to other rescues instead of adopting them out yourselves?

Good question! We strive to help orphaned newborn kittens in the most impactful way possible. Our system is a bit unconventional, but transferring our kittens to other rescue organizations once they are weaned means our resources stay dedicated to the tiniest and most at-risk kittens who need us. So when our rescue partners take our weaned kittens, we're able to say YES to the tiniest and sickest kittens that they may not have the resources to take themselves. 

I fell in love with one of your kittens! How can I adopt?

Our kittens are transferred to partner organizations once they are weaned. The organization we send them to will keep them for another couple of weeks while they grow a bit bigger, get spayed or neutered, and are ready for adoption. If you fall in love with a particular kitten, just send us an email at and we can let you know where the kitten will be transferred to when they're ready to graduate out of our program. You will then be able to go through the other organization's regular adoption process, which will usually involve an application and an adoption fee. 

Can I meet the kittens in your nursery?

While our nursery itself is not open to the public, there may be opportunities for you to meet some of our kittens or be given a private tour of the nursery. Please understand and respect that our nursery generally houses the youngest and most fragile kittens in our care and therefore we won't always have kittens who are able to be safely handled or who are ready to be out of an incubator for long periods of time. 

Do you ever rescue pregnant or nursing moms?

Our goal is to be a safe haven for kittens that other rescues don't have the time, skills, or resources to take. Nursing moms do a great job of caring for their kittens and are often pretty easy for other rescues to place within their own foster homes. Therefore, we generally do not bring pregnant or nursing moms into our program. We do occasionally make exceptions for challenging cases (the kittens are sick, mom isn't producing enough milk and the kittens need to be supplemented, etc.)

What kind of formula do you feed your kittens?

The kittens in our nursery and foster homes are fed Breeder's Edge brand formula. In our many years of bottle feeding kittens, we've tried many different brands of kitten formula and we have found that this brand is least likely to cause diarrhea. We order ours from Revival

I want to learn to bottle feed kittens but I live too far away to attend your classes. How can I learn? 

We teach lots of webinars about caring for orphaned newborn kittens, so you can learn from us no matter where you live! Click here for a list of our upcoming classes. 

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